X-tendo webinar series: EPC databases – how can they be used to increase the quality of EPCs?

X-tendo is launching its webinar series disclosing the developments of its innovative features and the results of the testing in 9 countries. The webinar series will take place between February and March 2022 for a total of 5 webinars. The webinars will guide the audience in a discussion to improve the quality of an EPC combining various innovative elements.

This webinar will present the methodology developed to perform quality control routines in EPC databases. The three countries in which this feature has been tested will contribute with their experiences. Christian Lund Iversen from DEA will present about quality control and risk assessment of EPCs, especially based on his experience.

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Draft agenda

  • 14:00 Welcome and introduction, (Lukas Kranzl, TU Wien)
  • 14:05 EPC Database in Denmark – (Christian Lund Iversen, DEA)
  • 14:20 X-tendo methodology and progress on the EPC database feature – (Ina Maia, TU Wien)
  • 14:30 EPC feature insights from Italy – (Fabio Zanghirella, ENEA)
  • 14:40 EPC feature insights from Greece – (George Koras, CRES)
  • 14:50 EPC feature insights from Denmark – (Caspar Thielsen, DEA)
  • 15:00 Panel discussion
    • Christian Lund Iversen (DEA)
    • Ina Maia (TU Wien)
    • Fabio Zanghirella (ENEA)
    • George Koras (CRES)
    • Caspar Thielsen (DEA)
  • 15:25 Closing remarks – 5 min

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