X-tendo webinar series: Measuring the real energy consumption in buildings – how could this be included in an EPC?

X-tendo is launching its webinar series disclosing the developments of its innovative features and the results of the testing in 9 countries. The webinar series will take place between February and March 2022 for a total of 5 webinars. The webinars will guide the audience in a discussion to improve the quality of an EPC combining various innovative elements.

The second webinar of the series will present the methodology to measure real energy consumption developed in X-tendo. Romania, one of the countries where the feature has been tested, will contribute with its experience.

Draft agenda

9:00 Welcome and introduction, Maarten de Groote (VITO)
9:05 X-tendo progress in including real energy consumption into EPCs, Jan Verheyen (VITO)
9:25 Experiences in testing and demonstration of the developed materials for the real energy consumption feature partners in Romania, Emilia Cerna-Mladin (AAECR)
9:45 Insights from reviewing the developed materials on real energy consumption in X-tendo, Stefan Thomas (Wuppertal Institut)
10:00 Panel discussion

  • Jan Verheyen (VITO)
  • Emilia Cerna-Mladin (AAECR)
  • Stefan Thomas (Wuppertal Institut)

10:25 Closing remarks, Maarten de Groote (VITO)

Watch the recordings


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