X-tendo workshop: Towards the next generation energy performance certificates


The Horizon 2020 project X-tendo held a workshop on October 1 to gather views from experts at EU and national level on the framework of the next-generation energy performance certification and on the development of the 10 innovative EPC features. After having analysed the status quo of the current energy performance assessment and certification schemes and conducted a survey on the needs and expectations of end-users of EPCs, X-tendo is now working on a methodology to embedding each feature in the existing EPC frameworks.

This workshop first went through an overview of the next-generation energy performance certification framework and of the results X-tendo accomplished in its first year. It then deeped dive into two topical sessions on how EPCs can contribute to feeling at home in your home and how they can create market opportunities. The results of the workshop discussion will be considered in the development of the features and will influence their implementation.

The presentation of the workshop is available at this link.

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