X-tendo publishes a guidance note introducing framework principles for next-generation energy performance certificates

This report is a guidance document outlining the common requirements for developing and assessing the features for next generation of energy performance certificate (EPC) on new indicators and innovative handling of data brought forward by X-tendo.

X-tendo introduced a set of cross-cutting criteria, which encapsulate the central success factors of EPC development:

  • quality and reliability,
  • user-friendliness,
  • economic feasibility, and
  • consistency with international standards.

Each cross-cutting criterion presents a list of indicators but their scope and strength of application differ based on the individual feature requirements, and are thus not equally binding on all features. The report gives recommedations on the proposed application of all the indicators in the description of each cross-cutting criterion shown by an (X) or (✓).

Each feature will be assessed, evaluated and validated against these indicators to ensure compliance with the cross-cutting criteria in the advanced stage of the project with the support of the nine implementing partners of X-tendo. Moreover, this guidance note will provide support by removing barriers and making the features more meaningful for the EPC systems in the Member States.

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