H2020 QualDEPC publishes an advanced paper on good practices of EPC assessment, certification, and use

The White Paper by QualDEPC, X-tendo’s sister project, on good practice in EPC assessment, certification and use finalises the policy proposals and concepts on the priorities for enhanced EPC schemes identified in the Development Strategy Plan (Kostova et al. 2020)It advances the Green Paper on good practice in EPC assessment, certification and use (Veselá et al. 2020) by taking into account the Report on feedback of the stakeholders (Veselá et al. 2021) and Building owners (Žogla et al. 2021). The major outcomes at this stage are:

  • A text-based list of deep energy renovation recommendations,
  • The concept for the online tool development,
  • The concept for a Deep Renovation Network Platform,
  • A universal, enhanced user-friendly EPC form template and background on the proposed content,
  • A detailed policy proposal for regular mandatory training, and
  • A general policy proposal for advertisement guidelines and for actions to improve the compliance with the mandatory use of EPCs in real estate advertisements.

Moreover, the White paper will be the basis for the country-specific adaptation, discussion, and to the extent possible, implementation of the developed policy proposals in the roadmaps to convergence and action towards deep renovation.

Read the White Paper

Read the Press Release for the White Paper


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