‘Next-generation energy performance certificates: End-user needs and expectations’. X-tendo publishes its first scientific paper

Implementation of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) varies significantly across EU Member States in terms of scope and available information, resulting in limited reliability, compliance, market penetration or user acceptance.

The new paper published in the Energy Policy journal, therefore, investigates the end-user perspectives towards future development of EPCs to support EPC schemes in the EU. Without a full insight into what end-user’s demand and need, it is impossible to make accurate assessments of how EPCs will become key drivers for deep renovation, environmental impact reduction and healthy buildings.

A survey with 2563 end-users of EPCs was conducted on ten innovative EPC features in five EU countries (Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Poland, and Romania), including building owners and occupants to learn about their needs and expectations. The results highlight that the features are viewed most positively if homeowners or tenants are energy conscious and energy performance is an important aspect when buying or renting property.

Furthermore, the insights gathered through the analysis of the survey provide suggestions for public authorities on how EPC methodologies could be customised to support the advancement of EPC schemes. Further work includes testing and validation of methodologies that are being developed in different EU Member States as a part of the H2020 X-tendo project.

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