Innovative Handling EPC Data

Financing Options

The provision of sources of information on financial support alongside with the EPC recommendations can help persuade building users to undertake a renovation. Financing options mainly focus on public support schemes like soft loans, subsidy schemes or also incentives provided by energy retailers in the frame of the energy saving obligations (Art 7 of the EED).

X-tendo describes possible approaches and mechanisms to link data on available financing with EPC systems and how to communicate this to building owners.

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  • Introductory report

    Brief report giving an overall evaluation of the feature and describing the basic concept, the methods behind, existing good practices and how to implement it.

Methodological approaches
Calculation procedures
  • Concrete implementation of new energy performance certificates features: testing and results in nine countries

    This report provides the summary of the outcomes of the testing activities for each of the 10 features in one or several implementing countries. This is mainly based on the analysis of the evaluation questionnaires filled out by the implementing partners, but also on the content of the testing results reports. The questionnaires hereby consist of general questions along the testing steps, questions on testing time and related costs, an evaluation against defined cross-cutting criteria (Quality and Reliability, User-friendliness, Economic feasibility, and Consistency with ISO/CEN standards) and final thoughts.

Recommendations for Implementation
  • Implementation guideline and replicability potential of the innovative feature for the next generation EPCs

    This report brings together the outputs of the evaluation of the test projects alongside the insight from end-users and stakeholders. It includes estimations of (1) the barriers and drivers for the wide uptake of the feature, (2) the effects of the wider implementation of the developed innovative feature of EPCs in Europe and (3) the necessary next steps in order to implement the innovative feature in the certification schemes around Europe.

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