Innovative EPC Indicator

Real Energy Consumption

Currently, EPCs are mostly based on calculation. The gap between real energy performance and EPC calculated performance can be significant and usually is a source of confusion to EPC users and other stakeholders (e.g., public authorities, energy managers, financing bodies, energy suppliers). In order to tackle this barrier and to increase trust in EPC, it is important to investigate how and to what extent measured data of energy use can be linked to the EPC calculated indicators or even replace them in existing EPC methodologies. 

X-tendo elaborates and tests a methodology for a measured energy performance indicator that reflects the actual energy performance of the building at standard conditions of climate and use. The calculation tool is complemented by a report with options to process real energy use data to represent part or global energy performance that may be used in cases with limited amount or detail of information or in very complex buildings (e.g., malls, hospitals) where the theoretical approach would be time consuming and costly.

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