New calculation tools allow assessors to improve existing energy performance certificates schemes across Europe

After defining the scope of the smart readiness, comfort, outdoor air pollution, real energy consumption and district energy, X-tendo analysed and developed existing and new methods to assess these innovative features for next-generation energy performance assessment and certification schemes, taking into account the boundary conditions of an EPC assessment. The developed methodologies are being tested based on a set of reference buildings and on actual buildings in field testing.

First, X-tendo looked into the existing knowledge on features and then it focused on their further elaboration. The consortium investigated the desired level of integration of these approaches within existing EPC schemes, which can vary from stand-alone modules to modules with limited or advanced integration. These findings resulted in a selection of approaches to assess measured energy consumption, outdoor air pollution, district energy network connection, comfort and smartness levels. The main outcome of this task are draft spreadsheet tools, accompanied with guidelines.

The draft spreadsheet tools will be finalised in the spring of 2022, but can be used by assessors to make the transition to better EPCs. The X-tendo implementing partners are already testing these tools in Austria, Estonia, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Denmark and UK and first results will be published by the start of 2022.

Download the draft calculation tools for:

Finalversions of the calculation tools will be released in the spring of 2022. In the meantime,you can send us your feedback or comments to


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